Thursday, January 18, 2018

Diabetes and Dental Implants

Diabetic patients receive top-rate care at Greenville Family Dentistry. As a result of their difficulty fighting off infections and vulnerability to inflammation, people with diabetes have particular dental needs, which we are sensitive to. In the past, they may have wondered whether they were good candidates for implants, and on that front, we have good news.

People with diabetes do not recover from wounds as quickly. This was perceived as a problem when undergoing surgery, including the incisions that need to be made for implant placement. However, the process during which the implant and jawbone fuse together is also a long one, providing enough time for the incisions to heal. The bigger problem thought to confront diabetic implant patients was that gum inflammation is associated with implant failure. Diabetic patients are more vulnerable to gum disease and inflammation, so dentists worried that they may have higher rates of implant failure, as well. However, the American Dental Association recently conducted a study which showed that people with uncontrolled diabetes did not experience higher-than-average failure rates, after all. It is still necessary for gum disease to be kept in check through attentive oral hygiene practices, but the additional challenges diabetic people face do not necessarily rule out implants as a possibility.

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