Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sedation Options at Greenville Family Dentistry

Comfort of our patients is one of our top concerns. This is why here at Greenville Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, we offer our patients sedation options. We like our patients to have a relaxing and fear-free dental visit.

We know that dental anxiety can keep our patients from getting the care they need. We have a couple of different types of sedation available in our Greenville, TX dental practice to aid in easing the anxiety they feel. Each type of sedation option allows you to drive yourself to and from the appointment.

Anxiolysis is an oral sedative like valium. It is an easy, light sedative recommended for those with mild to moderate dental anxiety. You are awake during the procedure but you are much more relaxed.

We also have nitrous oxide available. Nitrous oxide is a gas that is breathed in; you will feel the effects pretty quickly. Nitrous oxide is very common and is often referred to as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide also allows the patient to be awake for their procedure but in a much more relaxed state.

If you have been avoiding a dental procedure due to nervousness or fear, ask us about our sedation options. To schedule an appointment in our Greenville, TX dental practice, call us at (903) 455-6701 or visit the Greenville Family Dentistry website, www.greenvillefamilydentistrytx.com

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath can be stubborn and reoccurring when you do not know how to avoid it. Greenville Family Dentistry knows how frustrating bad breath can be and wants to let our patients know some tips and tricks for getting rid of it! We’re freshening the breath of Greenville, TX one by one!

While onions and garlic may commonly stain breath, bad breath is often caused by bacteria. In order to clear up the foul odor, the bacteria must be eliminated and avoided. The first step for fresh breath is a clean mouth.

Make sure you are brushing your teeth two or three times per day and flossing once every day. In addition, brushing your tongue or investing in a tongue scraper will help get rid of a lot of bacteria!

Keep your whistle wet. When the mouth dries out, especially overnight, bacteria have the chance to thrive. This is why we often wake up with less than pleasant breath. Make sure to keep hydrated and avoid drinks that dehydrate such as alcohol and caffeine.

When you need something extra to combat the stink or do not have your oral care supplies on hand, chewing parsley or mint leaves may help the odor. Also, chewing lemon rinds will stimulate saliva and moisten your mouth. In addition, green tea both keeps you hydrated and it deodorizes the bacteria that cause bad breath.

If you find yourself in a smelly situation, make sure to try some of these tips! To schedule an appointment with Greenville Family Dentistry of Greenville, TX, call us at (903) 455-6701 or visit our website, www.greenvillefamilydentistrytx.com

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly

When taking care of your mouth at home, it is good to know that you are doing the right things. Here at Greenville Family Dentistry of Greenville, TX, we want our patients to know the correct way to brush teeth so it is helpful; not harmful.

Brushing should be done two or three times per day. Two times is the minimum, but brushing excessively may actually harm the teeth. In addition, you should always wait at least a half an hour after eating to brush your teeth. The acid in foods can soften teeth, and when brushed right away, this may wear away enamel.

Brushing should be done with a light touch. Abrasive brushing may wear down enamel and irritate gums. In order to remove plaque and other debris, a light touch is all that is needed.

When brushing your teeth, make sure to make it last for a full two minutes. All surfaces of your teeth need attention; the insides, the fronts, the chewing surfaces, and the backs of the back molars. Also brush your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and the insides of your cheeks!

Taking care of your mouth at home is just as important as routine visits to the dentist! To schedule your cleaning in our Greenville, TX dental office, call Greenville Family Dentistry at (903) 455-6701 or visit our website, www.greenvillefamilydentistrytx.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Diagnosis of Bruxism

Some people grind their teeth only during sleep. This is called “nocturnal bruxism” or “sleep-related bruxism.” Others grind or clench their teeth during the daytime as well. Grinding of your teeth, also known as bruxism can have a variety of causes. Some experts view bruxism as nothing more than a habit. It can also be a result of the body’s reaction when the teeth do not line up or come together properly. If you experience signs and symptoms of bruxism, Dr. Christopher Emuedue at Greenville Family Dentistry can provide you with an individualized treatment plan.

When diagnosing bruxism, Dr. Christopher Emuedue will ask about your general dental health, what sources of stress you have in your life, and what medicines you take. He will examine you, paying special attention to the muscles in and around your jaw. He will also look at your teeth for evidence of grinding. During this examination, Dr. Christopher Emuedue will check for tenderness in your jaw muscles and the jaw joint. A more detailed exam may follow if your dentist suspects that your bruxism is related to dental problems.

If you have any questions about bruxism or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Emuedue, please give our Greenville Family Dentistry office in Greenville, TX a call at 903-455-6701. To learn more about bruxism signs and symptoms visit www.greenvillefamilydentistrytx.com for more information.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Snoring may seem comical, but obstructive sleep apnea is no joke. It can increase your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes – and even make you more dangerous on the road. Although sleep apnea has many dangers, we’ll discuss a few. At Greenville Family Dentistry, Dr. Christopher Emuedue can treat sleep apnea with two oral surgery procedures depending on the severity of the case.

Obstructive sleep apnea can contribute to high blood pressure in people who have it. The frequent nighttime awakenings that plague people with sleep apnea cause hormonal systems to go into overdrive, which results in high blood pressure levels at night. People with obstructive sleep apnea are also more likely to suffer heart attacks and die in the middle of the night. The causes may be low oxygen or the stress of waking up often during sleep. Weight gain plays another role in the hidden dangers of sleep apnea. Adding weight raises your risk of sleep apnea, and up to two-thirds of people with sleep apnea are severely overweight. Obstructive sleep apnea can often be cured if you lose enough weight, but that can be tough to do.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your treatment options. To learn more about sleep apnea, visit www.greenvillefamilydentistrytx.com for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Emuedue at Greenville Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, call 903-455-6701.