Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nitrous Oxide

Dental anxiety is a common occurrence among our patients, which is why we offer nitrous oxide. This helps patients take the edge off while getting dental procedures, whether it is a root canal, root planing and scaling, or an extraction.
Nitrous oxide is also referred to as laughing gas and given by having a mask placed over the patient’s nose and mouth so they can inhale the gas. The patient is monitored by Dr. Joseph Alexander the entire time.
There are many benefits to choosing nitrous oxide as a way for dental sedation, such as the following:
  • It wears off quickly, so you can still drive yourself 
  •  It is a safe and effective form of sedation.
  • The level of sedation can be controlled by the dentist, increasing or decreasing the gas.
  • Patients resume normal activities immediately after their dental appointment.
  • Sensations experienced with nitrous oxide include relaxation, euphoria, and relief from anxiety and tension.
If you have a dental appointment coming up, contact Greenville Family Dentistry in TX about nitrous oxide sedation.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Here at Greenville Family Dentistry, we utilize advanced technology for a variety of diagnostic and dental procedures, including the impressive Panorex.Panorex is an imaging machine that can identify a wide range of issues with the teeth, gums and bone that traditional x-rays are not able to find. We use the Panorex machine for diagnosing orthodontic and dental problems and looking at the overall structure of the teeth and mouth.
Patients who come into our office to use the Panorex will go through the following steps:
1. The patient comes into our office and sits on the Panorex chair.
2. Their chin rests on a small ledge on the machine, while we position it properly.
3. The Panorex machine rotates around their head at a 360-degree angle.
By orbiting the head at 360 degrees, in about 20 seconds, the machine captures high quality images of the teeth, gums, head, bones and sinuses. With these images, Dr. Joseph Alexander is able to make sure the patient’s teeth are functioning as they could, as well as finding reasons for pain or other issues the patient is experiencing.
To experience the digital Panorex machine, visit our office in Greenville, TX.