Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Missing teeth can interfere with your self-image and make you shy away from social situations. Missing teeth can also affect the structure of your face and interfere with proper speech. Dentures are one option for replacing lost teeth. Replacing missing teeth with dentures can improve your appearance, increase self-confidence and restore your ability to chew properly.
At Greenville Family Dentistry, we offer our patients options including full and partial dentures. Full dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth. If you opt for full dentures, any remaining natural teeth will be extracted. After the gums are given time to heal, the dentures are placed. This option is considered conventional dentures.
A second option to consider is immediate dentures. This involves extraction and immediate placement of the dentures. The gums heal while the dentures are worn. Dr. Christopher Emuedue DDS will discuss options and determine if you are a candidate for immediate dentures. In addition to full dentures, we also offer partial dentures for patients who have some healthy, natural teeth remaining.
Dentures may take some time to get used to, but can be a good choice in order to replace missing teeth. The experienced staff at Greenville Family Dentistry will educate you on how to take care of your dentures. Regular dental appointments are still essential in order to maintain proper oral health.
For more information on dentures or to schedule an appointment please call Greenville Family Dentistry at 903-455-6701.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bone Grafting

If you need restoration procedures, such as implants, you may first require bone grafting. In some situations, your jawbone may be too soft or not thick enough to support a dental implant. Bone loss in the jaw typically is caused by periodontal disease. That’s where bone grafting can help.
Dr. Christopher Emuedue DDS, at Greenville Family Dentistry has experience performing various types of oral surgery including bone grafts. The procedure involves removing small amounts of bone from another area of the body, such as the hip. Bone fragments can also be retrieved from an area of the mouth, which was drilled. In some cases, cadaver bone can be used.
After the bone is retrieved, it is placed on top of your existing bone in a procedure called grafting. The procedure builds up the bone in the jaw area and increases the chances of success when placing an implant or other type of restoration.
In addition to bone grafting, Greenville Family Dentistry also offers other types of oral surgery including extractions. We also offer cosmetic and preventative dentistry. If you are looking for outstanding customer service with an exemplary reputation, consider Greenville Family Dentistry.
For more information on bone grafting or any of our other services, please call our office at 903-455-6701.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is often caused when the tongue or other muscles in the back of the throat collapse. This collapse or relaxation blocks the airway. It results in several awakenings during the sleep cycle. Sleep apnea can lead to morning headaches, excessive tiredness, decreased productivity and irritability. You may not realize how important sleep is to your health until you’re not getting enough.
The good news is, you have options when it comes to treating sleep apnea. At Greenville Family Dentistry, Dr. Christopher Emuedue will be happy to discuss treatment options and help you determine what would work best for your situation.
There are different ways obstructive sleep apnea can be treated including oral appliances and CPAP therapy, which involves using continuous positive airway pressure. But in some instances, oral surgery may be the best option.
Oral surgery to treat sleep apnea may involve removing tissue, which is blocking or obstructing the airway, from the back of the throat and upper mouth. This procedure is referred to as an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.
An additional surgical option involves maxillomandibular advancement. This procedure reduces the obstruction by surgically moving the jaw forward in front of the facial bones, creating more room behind the soft palate.
The type of treatment recommended may depend on the severity of your symptoms and personal preference. Dr. Emuedue and the staff at Greenville Family Dentistry will be happy to answer your question.
For more information on sleep apnea and treatment options, please call our office at 903-455-6701.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Missing teeth may occur due to trauma, tooth decay or gum disease. Missing teeth can affect surrounding teeth, chewing and self-esteem. Bridges are a great option in order to replace lost teeth. They look natural and can restore your smile. A bridge can also prevent other teeth from shifting out of place.
Dr. Christopher Emuedue DDS, and his staff at Greenville Family Dentistry are experienced at various types of restorative dentistry, including bridges. Bridges may be constructed from porcelain, alloy, gold or a combination of materials. A bridge fills in the space where the missing tooth was. It is
attached to two crowns on the adjacent teeth. The two crowns act as anchors for the bridge.
The process of getting a bridge involves a couple of steps. The first step includes having the adjacent teeth prepared and molds of the mouth taken. A temporary bridge is placed while the permanent bridge is being made in a laboratory. During the second appointment, the permanent bridge will be placed and adjusted as needed.
If you are looking for superior dentistry in the Greenville, TX area, we invite you to call Greenville Family Dentistry. We offer dental services including preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry in a state of the art facility.
For more information on dental bridges or to make an appointment, please call our office at 903-455-6701.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


When cracks, chips and cavities affect your tooth structure, they can attract harmful bacteria and lead to additional tooth damage.  Here at Greenville Family Dentistry, one of the ways we correct these issues is with strong, aesthetic dental crowns.  Dental crowns are placed over your tooth, protecting the structure.  Each crown is custom designed and securely bonded so that is blends in with the natural shade and texture of your smile.  There is no need to alter your diet or oral care habits either. 
Regular brushing and flossing is all that is needed to keep your new crown clean and healthy.
You can learn more about the crown placement process on our website, but we would be happy to see you for a consultation.  We invite patients to visit our practice to restore the health and beauty of their smiles.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oral Pathology

There are a number of diseases that can affect the hard and soft tissues of the head, neck, face, jaw, and mouth.  As dentists, we want all of our patients to have healthy smiles.  Oral Pathology is a unique area of dentistry that identifies and treats diseases of the mouth and maxillofacial region. 
Through radiographic, microscopic, biochemical, and other in-office examinations, you can diagnosis and treat any diseases that may be affecting your health, including:
  • Mouth and throat cancer
  • Mumps
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Ulcers
  • Odontogenic Infection
If you are experiencing any oral discomfort or pain, we invite you to visit our practice.  With proper diagnosis you can treat these diseases and oral health problems early on.  Through the professional care and expertise available at our office, we can find the treatment that is best for your smile needs.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for your oral health.  There are certain conditions, including wisdom teeth eruption, infection and tooth decay that require an extraction.  At our practice, extraction procedures are simple and straightforward to ensure a speedy recovery.  Before your tooth extraction, it is important that you follow all pre-surgical instructions.  With the use of anesthetic, you can expect your procedure to be painless and comfortable.  Patients may only experience slight pressure as the tooth is eased from the socket and extracted.
After your extraction, the gum is stitched and given time to heal, or it is preserved for implant placement.  If you follow all post-op specifications, your tooth extraction will keep your smile healthy, functional and beautiful.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mouth Guards

Does your child play a sport?  Whether they play a sport for fun or for a school team, mouth guards are an essential piece of equipment.  Mouth guards are used to protect your teeth when playing football, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, baseball, soccer, and other contact sports.  Athletes of all ages who participate in contact sports should wear a mouth guard.  This dental appliance helps to prevent:
  • Tooth damage
  •  Jaw damage
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations to the checks, tongue and lips
We offer custom mouth guards at Greenville Family Dentistry.  We encourage parents to bring their children in for a mouth guard fitting for the best level of protection for your smile. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ready to makeover your smile? The veneers we provide here at Greenville Family Dentistry are one of the best ways to achieve a more idealized and natural smile improvement. Veneers work by encasing an individual tooth in a thin porcelain shell. This allows us to correct chips, cracks, stubborn stains and even lengthen or widen individual teeth.  The end result is a custom crafted smile that’s strong, long lasting and looks naturally beautiful.

If you’re interested in veneers, want to know more about the placement process, and determine if you’re the right cosmetic dental option for you, contact us at Greenville Family Dentistry.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teeth Whitening

We know how much our patients love the look and confidence they gain from a beautiful, white smile. That’s why we maintain multiple teeth whitening options here at Greenville Family Dentistry. The professional teeth whitening services we provide include at-home teeth whitening tray systems, in-office BriteSmile and light activated Zoom teeth whitening. Each of these methods provides their own unique advantages, but they are all designed to provide dramatic smile brighten results by eliminating stains, and restoring or even improving upon your original tooth shade.

To determine which teeth whitening method or combination of teeth whitening methods will work best to deliver the results you desire, contact us directly at Greenville Family Dentistry.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Snap On Smile

As part of our comprehensive cosmetic dental services, we here at Greenville Family Dentistry provide Snap-On Smile to those patients who are seeking an effective and easy smile makeover solution.  Snap-On Smile is comprised of thin sculpted shells of resin that are customized to fit over the most visible portions of the top and bottom rows of teeth. They provide the beautifying effect of veneers, but without the permanence, expense or tooth modification required for other smile makeover options.

We have provided Snap-On Smile to our patients who need to close gaps, lengthen teeth, correct mind misalignment and cover up stains. To determine if Snap-On Smile can provide you with the cosmetic effect you’re seeking, give us a call here at Greenville Family Dentistry.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


If you have a chip, crack, fracture or gap that’s minor but still affecting the function and appearance of your smile, bonding can help.  Bonding is completed by applying tooth colored resin to coat or reshape a portion of a tooth.  In addition to protecting the structure of the tooth against further damage or decay, bonding allows us to complete cosmetic restorations and corrections that enable our patients to feel confident in their smiles once again.

To determine if bonding is your best restorative option, contact us directly at Greenville Family Dentistry.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dental Hygiene

Here at Greenville Family Dentistry our mission is to help you protect your oral health through comprehensive dental hygiene services.  Besides keeping all our patients informed on the significance of diligent brushing and flossing and a healthy diet, we offer complete dental exam services and periodontal care procedures to keep your mouth free of cavities, decay, infection and periodontal disease. We also offer a full selection of restoration services to correct issues that may be interfering with your ability to perform good dental hygiene.

If it’s been a while since your last dental exam and you’re in need of a checkup on the effectiveness of your dental hygiene practices, please arrange an appointment with us Greenville Family Dentistry.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not a frivolous indulgence, but an important investment in your smile as a personal asset and an effective means of improving your confidence.  Here at Greenville Family Dentistry we provide a full selection of cosmetic dental services.

If you’d like to address an individual flaw such as a discolored smile, chip or other issue, services like teeth whitening, bonding can target specific problems. If you’d like to address multiple issues at once and walk away with a total smile makeover, you can rely on us for veneers, Lumineers, Snap-on-Smile and more.

When you feel great about your smile, it shows. Let us help you reveal a new, more confident you with our cosmetic dentistry services.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Did you know that sealants are of the most effect ways to protect against tooth decay where it’s most likely to occur? Here at Greenville Family Dentistry, sealants are one of our leading pediatric procedures for fighting cavities.  We usually place sealants for children once their first molars erupt, and again when their adult teeth grow in. Since these teeth play a major role in chewing and are the toughest to reach with regular brushing, they are especially susceptible to plaque and decay.  Sealants are used to form a protective shell over the tooth’s enamel. This is accomplished by coating the teeth with the liquid sealant then allowing it to harden.  The procedure is simple and provides substantial benefits for kids.

To set up a sealant appointment for your child, contact us here at Greenville Family Dentistry.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preventative Dentistry

Have you ever heard the adage “Prevention is the best medicine.”? The same can be said when it comes to your oral health, as preventative dentistry is the most sensible, efficient and cost effective means of avoiding serious and expensive periodontal health problems.  Here at Greenville Family Dentistry, we’d much rather see you for preventative dental care-- including regular exams, cleanings and health screenings-- than we would for a complex and invasive procedure to correct a problem that could have been avoided.

While routine dental care is an essential part of preventative dentistry, your at-home oral care practices play a major role in prevention of gum disease, infection and other issues. At our practice, we work with you to help you take the right steps towards excellent oral health and proper preventative dental care.

For more information on the preventative dentistry services we provide here at Greenville Family Dentistry, please view our new website and contact us directly.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Night Guards

Night guards are one of those simple solutions that go a long way when it comes to protecting your teeth and avoiding the uncomfortable effects of bruxism.  We provide custom night guards to many of our patients here at Greenville Family Dentistry.  For those of you who experience headaches and migraines, TMJ, jaw pain, teeth clenching and grinding, a night guard can help minimize these issues and prevent bigger problems, including tooth chipping and cracking, enamel damage and jaw misalignment.

Night guards work by absorbing the force and stress that’s often exerted by the jaw muscles and results in unconscious teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. Night guards are comfortable and discreet, and for many patients, highly effective in preventing headaches, jaw discomfort and tooth damage that often occurs if bruxism is left untreated.

If you think you may be affected by bruxism, if you regularly experience headaches and migraines, or if you notice any indications that you’re grinding your teeth at night or during the day, contact us here at Greenville Family Dentistry to determine if a custom night guard can work for you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

Did you know that it’s possible to be born without wisdom teeth? While certainly possible, it is rather rare; so for the rest of us, we often need our wisdom teeth to be removed.  If you aren’t experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth or they appear to be emerging without issue you may wonder if it’s worthwhile to undergo a procedure to remove them, but in most cases, it’s sensible and necessary as a preventative measure.

When wisdom teeth are not addressed and removed if necessary, they can create a number of issues.  They may erupt crooked or only partially. They may become impacted and affect the gum, jaw bone and surrounding teeth.  They may continue to cause pain and tooth sensitivity.  They may even create conditions in which cyst and tumors can easily develop.

Since the procedure for removing wisdom teeth is typically straightforward and involves minimal and manageable discomfort, it’s a case of being better safe than sorry. If you are in need of wisdom tooth removal or an exam to address any erupted wisdom teeth, we invite you to visit us here at Greenville Family Dentistry. You can learn more about wisdom teeth and their removal right on our website. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Giving a young smile a good start is so important. Here at Greenville Family Dentistry, our pediatric patients are given crucial dental care, as well as the education and tools they need to help them care for their own oral health.  We work hard to make kids comfortable and enthused when visiting us for checkups, cleanings and all pediatric dental procedures.

The pediatric dentistry services we provide are meant to help kids defend against tooth decay, which can be especially prominent among toddlers and school aged kids.  We also provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry evaluations to address any issues that are easier to take care of as a child’s smile develops. 

To learn more about our pediatric dentistry services here at Greenville Family Dentistry and to arrange an appointment for your child, please contact us directly.