Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oral Cancer Screenings

During a normal dental visit, patients get a thorough oral exam by the dentist, a cleaning from a hygienist, and often get digital x-rays performed as well. Another service we offer in our practice is oral cancer screenings.
This is a simple, but vitally important, screening that takes about ten minutes to enable our Greenville, TX dentist Dr. Christopher Emuedue look for signs of oral cancer. The screening is done through an oral exam, as well as through the use of a special device that looks for warning signs of cancer developing. Common signs of oral cancer include red or white patches or sores in the mouth, which is mainly what Dr. Christopher Emuedue is looking for. With early diagnosis, we can inform our patient of the next steps.
After performing an oral examination for oral cancer, we use an ultraviolet light to look for bumps, sores, and patches of the skin inside and outside of the mouth. Dr. Christopher Emuedue looks at the cheeks, skin, lips, teeth, gums, tongue and throat. Everyone needs oral cancer screenings, but especially patients who smoke or drink heavily as it increases their chances for developing this disease.
Contact Greenville Family Dentistry at 903-455-6701 to get your oral cancer screening.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Digital X-Rays

At Greenville Family Dentistry, we believe in providing the best care to our patients, including employing the latest in dental technology. This includes using digital x-rays to replace the old-fashioned x-rays, as they provide a multitude of benefits for our patients and our dental staff.
By using digital x-rays, we get high-definition and clear images that are sent to a nearby computer instantly, with less radiation for our patient. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher Emuedue, can also diagnose problems more effectively, thanks to the accuracy and precision of digital x-rays.
The benefits our patients realize by our use of digital x-rays include:
  • Digital x-rays are safer for the patient with up to 80 percent less radiation.
  • The imaging process goes quickly, with images sent to a nearby computer.
  • A small sensor is placed in the mouth when taking pictures digitally, rather than uncomfortable bitewings.
  • Cavities and other problems are recognized and treated sooner.
  • There are no chemical smells in the dental office when digital x-rays are used.
Dr. Christopher Emuedue prefers using digital x-rays as they benefit him and his dental practice, as well as his patients. With earlier diagnosis, earlier treatment can provide a healthier mouth and more beautiful smile for all of his patients.
If you are in need of dental x-rays, call us at 903-455-6701 to learn more

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rotary Endodontics

When a patient complains of a tooth that causes severe pain when coming in contact with hot or cold food or drinks, it is often the result of an infected tooth deep within the canal. The result is an infection of the roots and nerves of the tooth, which is generally treated with a root canal.
A root canal procedure removes the infected tissue, including the roots and nerves, followed by filling the tooth canal with a material that lasts until the patient gets a crown placed. At Greenville Family Dentistry, we provide less invasive root canal procedures using rotary endodontics.
Rotary endodontics is a method of performing a root canal using a small electrical handpiece. Rotary endodontics enables our dentist Dr. Christopher Emuedue get through the root canal procedure in a less invasive, more effective, and quicker manner. The handpiece lets Dr. Christopher Emuedue get into the tooth canal faster, remove the infected nerves and roots, and close up the canal in less than an hour. Patients report that their root canals go much more smoothly and are more comfortable with this tool than traditional methods.
If you are in need of a root canal, contact Dr. Christopher Emuedue in Greenville, TX to have yours performed with rotary endodontics.